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For: José F. Serra
The French called it "the petite steals to nongo", the Englishmen have translated it as "little black dress" and the Spanish we might call him "the black vestidito" but, in any language, this pledge continues like an essential must of the wardrobe, like the quintessence of the essential elegance and like a basic pledge that has been able to adapt itself to all the changes of the fashion. With a few touches or long or suitable accessories, I cut, it keeps on being a basic one of sure success in the year 2009.
Coconut Chanel was his creator and his petite steals to nongo it was called in the 30s by the American press Ford of the fashion. Since many others of his creations this idea of Chanel was supercopied, but Cocó was not reacting before this copies proliferation as he was declaring to the magazine Harpers Bazaar Si it was not for my assistants not ofici
December, 2008
The comeback to the spirit "dandy" in the masculine fashion is synonymous often of good taste. The blazers, the cárdigans and the overcoats recover this special touch of the elegant man who does not play with the classic cánones.
November, 2008
New York New York!!! Fashion Week!! Like always an intense week of parades and holidays with many many fashion of all kinds, style and condition. On your marks ready for the spring - summer 2009!!! And surround the event the magnificent decoration of Bryant Park and the unstoppable rhythm of the American elections. A few strokes on what more it has attracted attention of me between the best designers, you will be moved forward by the newest thing that reserves the American fashion to you for the next period.
October, 2008
The fashion autumn - winter 2008-09 is praised by a very feminine image with a touch of romanticism that overcomes the image of a sexy and aggressive femininity to choose for a more rigorous elegance, with a search of the detail and of the esthetic perfection. Big innovation in the textiles with miscellanies of technological fibres, geometric cuts, triumphal comeback of the point and in general a wider and architectural silhouette. The blue dyes, in different scales, threatens to the leading role of the black.
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