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" The fashion has begun to be part of the popular culture and it is recognized by his enormous social influence" Josefina Figueras says in the prologue of "Fashion and Values. The challenge of the new thing". This book recently published by University International Editions, demonstrates that the fashion enjoys good health, in spite of his ephemeral life and that it has a lot of more substance of the one that sometimes is recognized after him.
The proper philosophy of the life and of the knowledge of one himself impels the election of the way of dressing and of consuming. What we call a fashion is adapted, for whom it is not a fashion victim, to a few values beyond the appearances, being part of the life styles of the persons. Part of this target reflects in this work that and
November, 2009
A tall, thin, modern, rather sophisticated woman, is the image that there detach the illustrations of Arturo Helen (Teruel, 1957), which are exhibited in the Museum of the Suit of Madrid, owing to the celebration of his 25 years of work. Fifty two pieces in view of the spectators, in which there are appreciated good drawer's talent as well as his big sense of the color and of the style. The illustrator has worked for different fashionable designers like Roberto Verino, Victorio and Lucchino, Loëwe, The Extreme Collection, Lemóniez, Rio Dayne and Custo Barcelona. Proper Arturo Helen has been the commissioner of the sample.
October, 2009
For the public in general Anna Wintour, the powerful publisher of the magazine Vogue, is not a stranger. It has a face: that of fierce Miranda Priestley, personified by Meryl Streep in “The devil dresses himself of Prada”. The most powerful woman of the world of fashionable edition was the bad one of the movie. Now he is once again a protagonist of a documentary that penetrates day by day of a fashionable writing again.
September, 2009
“It is not necessary to get scared in crisis times”, supports the designer Laura Márquez. “Happiness, rhythm, color, originality and exclusive design” they give good rule to his jewels for clients in difficult times. The designer of Madrid who has his flirtatious jewelry shop in the street San Bernardo feels proud of that every time they are more those who come to her so that he designs a special jewel to them of asked, of anniversary or of commemoration.
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