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For: Josefina Figueras
In the above mentioned weeks we have been present at a fuss mediático with advertizing campaigns like fund music... The polemic had like protagonists to some originals of publicity that, according to authorized opinions, penetrate the limit of the ethical thing and of the good taste. The problem is not new.
In aos previous critical many had already provoked the aggressive campaas of the signature Benetton that, with excuses of social type alleging that someone were directed to topics as humanitarian as the AIDS or the racial conflicts, were allowing themselves the publication of announcements that were hurting the beliefs or the sensibility of many personas.&
March, 2007
Asmoda celebrates his first year of life! During this contact time with all of you we have tried that the magazine was following the itinerary ilusionante that we proposed from the beginning to become an instrument, not only of information, but also of opinion and an analysis of the relation of the fashion with the esthetics, the culture and the life styles.
January, 2007
Karl Lagerfeld, says that “the elegance is not a physical concept, because it is an attitude before the life. If a woman is not elegant in his gestures and in his movements, it it will not be in his garments”.
December, 2006
HAPPY HOLIDAYS! The air of holiday that impregnates the ambience presides today at our magazine ASMODA.
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