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For: José F. Serra
Saint Laurent said it neither more nor less than: only the cowboy regretted without having invented. It transmits simplicity, modesty and seduction. The most famous pants of the world keep on marking tendencies. Of the hand of the denim your charisma has turned into one of the big stars of the fashion it has infected to other pledges - skirts jackets, shirts, monkeys, vests - and his versatility and practical sense have turned the “look cowboy” in one of the favorites. Even the big couturiers have yielded to his delight.
The history of the jeans starts in California in 1853 between the gold diggers of the hand of a merchant of Bavarian origin, Levi Strauss, who had the idea of using for the pants the same cloth that it was using to make tents and that further on put in circulation the called lot 501. But it was from the
April, 2009
All the tendencies in shoes, purses and leather complements for the still distant autumn - winter, we have seen them assembled in Modacalzado+Iberpiel, celebrated contest from March 17 until March 19 in Fair of Madrid. In the IFEMA pavilions, more than 600 marks appeared, in spite of the crisis. ASMODA was there and it moves forward to you the keys of the footwear that we will take for the period of the cold.
March, 2009
With his anticipation load the spring fashion has jumped in his moment in the footbridges of Paris, New York, Milan, Madrid, Barcelona … But between this labyrinth of informations and styles there have blown up the those "key" tendencies that have drawn with more force into the fragile and changeable heart of the fashion. There triumphs a hyperfeminine style, a romanticism that is translated in flowers, frills and sheens, the accessories grow in size and in importance and the shoes with platform and the highest heels help us to face the life "height of sights".
February, 2009
Let does not cost money... A good maxim to frighten the bogey of the crisis. The High fashion of Paris has faced to the reality with a luxurious boasting and fantasy. Between the 25th and 28th of January the big designers have showed his proposals spring - summer 2009. Orientalism, inspiration years 30, giant flowers, embroideries of fable and a competition of mastery in the drapeados. The life continues …! that the spectacle not droop!
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