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The exhibition that gathers the work of the creator Giorgio Armani of last 3 decades has returned to house. After covering several cities – New York, Rome, Bilbao, Tokyo, Peking - it has finished his itinerary in the Trienalle of Milan.
Now all the creations of Armani round that they have turned to the world will begin to be part of a permanent file. The architect Tandao Ando is already projecting the building where to lodge it: the Museum Giorgio Armani. A 30.000 kilometers trip and 1.200.000 visitors is the final balance of the exhibition Armani across 8 country
March, 2007
The third Footbridge edition Barcelona that was not auguring big victories, has turned into spokesman of exception of the national and international fashion. But in spite of the success the nostalgic ones of the Gaudí are still great...
November, 2006
Adjie Notonegoro (Jakarta, 1961), the most excellent Indonesian designer, has carried out a brilliant fashion show in the Museum of the Suit to show the beauty and possibilities of the batik, a singular pattern of that his country has the scepter.
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