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For: Marosa Mountain-dweller
65 has been celebrated in Valencia ediciòn of the International Fair of the Infantile Fashion. To compete with Asia the sector has reacted offering even more quality and extra cost. One of his principal bets has been the healthy and favoring textiles of the well-being.
More than 7.000 professionals of the infantile fashion, almost the practical totality of the census of specializing shops and 247 signatures exhibitors national-166 and 81 foreigners, proceeding ones from Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, the USA, France, Greece, Holland, India, England, Italy, Portugal and Switzerland - constitute them be of identity of
July / ago 2007
It seems that Barcelona loses bellows in the world of the fashion, Gaudí disappeared, and there was replaced by a Footbridge Barcelona, which did not survive any more than two editions, like result of the sponsors' absence and the determination of the Generalitat for betting for young values.
June, 2007
Our magazine has fulfilled his first year of life! And, since it could not be less, we celebrate it for everything high. The cultural club Zayas of Madrid received a titled Round table: To whom does the fashion speak?, that was provided with the presence of Juanjo Oliva, fashionable designer, Diana Fernández, teaching coordinating committee of the CSDMM, Andrea Behrens, of the signature of cosmetics Clarins and Josefina Figueras, director of Asmoda
April, 2007
The exhibition that gathers the work of the creator Giorgio Armani of last 3 decades has returned to house. After covering several cities – New York, Rome, Bilbao, Tokyo, Peking - it has finished his itinerary in the Trienalle of Milan.
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