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“The design sometimes, it takes a way parallel to the fashion, sometimes they do not touch and when this happens we bet for the design.” It is a thought that there was doing to himself aloud Modesto Lomba, designer with a brilliant career that began his professional journey in the year 86 in Vitoria. With his technician's designing title it joined the architect Luis Devota to create the signature Devota&Lomba, a name that has remained in spite of the premature death of Luis.
In 1988 the Devout signature and Lomba do his presentation in the Footbridge Cibeles. The same year they obtain the Award It loves to the young design and, since then, there begins a trip that meters of textiles connect and give place to a few very well worn out collections, full of inspiration and delicacy. In his professional trajectory, already in solitar
November, 2007
His collection in Cibeles for the spring - summer 2008 has continued the keynote of an unbreakable admiration for the High fashion and his most emblematic names. Good-looking Olive Juanjo for a chic woman whom it could offer all the springs of his creative personality. In Cibeles his exits triumphed this year in black of an exquisite elegance, his elaborate geometry and his bold chromatic games in green and in rose.
October, 2007
His experiences of continuous innovation, they have given him an exceptional position in the world of the fashion of the jewels. Chus Burés is a lover of the oriental culture. He considers Thailand to be his second homeland and the oriental culture has influenced his personal vision of the design and the miscellanies of skills and materials. It has mixed metal with silk, silver with bamboo and has used materials as unusual as the sugar and the chocolate alternating with the gold and the silver. For him the jewels are the ideal support to express his ideas.
September, 2007
His name appears between the most emblematic of the quarry of Galician designers who popped in strongly in the Spanish fashion of the 90. The name of Roberto Verino appeared for several years joined to the Footbridge Cibeles from which it broke off in 2004 to extend his international expansion. Now Roberto Verino has entered the Museums. From September 14 till the end of November there is an exhibition of his creations in the Museum of the Suit of Madrid that they cover his 25 years in the world of the fashion. Asmoda has spoken with him owing to this event.
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