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For: Julia Sáez-Angulo
She is the most original and outstanding Spanish hats designer, therefore the Museum of the Suit has finished with offering him this exhibition under the title "The art of flying according to Candle Cort", that will remain opened until the next April 26. Candle Cort (Madrid, 1959) is a prodigious maker in the hats, the jewels, the photo... He studied Fine arts and his plastic and esthetic sense they have no end. The current exhibition includes hats, hairdos and manipulated icons of the Art history. The Commission of the sample belongs to Valérie De Baeque and Dora Revinski Munch.
The materials do not have why to be noblemen to the old custom. For Candle Cort, the raffia, the metal, the mesh, the tulle, the velvet can be allied by an unusual familiarity to create a haughty clothing in the head. To show a hairdo or a hat of this designer in a wedding or social event, is to do bingo before
February, 2009
It was destined to be the first Museum devoted entirely to a designer of High fashion. Cristóbal Balenciaga recognized as the most influential couturier of the XXth century, deserves this homage of his native country. But the project of a Museum in Guetaria, the people where he was born, that had to be inaugurated in 2003, is suspended because of a long process in the courts by aberrations in his management. Meanwhile, in the shallows of a block of flats of Guetaria 1.000 Balenciaga pledges remain, for years. An authentic treasure.
January, 2009
"The garment is the biggest modification of the social man and it weighs on all his existence", said Charles Darwin. With this affirmation it begins the exhibition "The cos of the vestit", the body of the garment, which can turns from December in Palau Reial of Pedralbes of Barcelona. A trip to the evolution of the garment, from the Renaissance to the current epoch, which is a reflex of the society of the moment and, therefore, a tool that helps to understand why they were dressing or we dress of a way or other.
December, 2008
The assembly room of the Museum of the Suit was to overflow at ten o'clock in the morning of October 22, 2008. There began the inaugural conference of I International Congress of Fashion CIM 2008. Everybody wanted to hear the famous French sociologist, author of "The empire of the ephemeral thing". Gilles Lipovetsky, creator of the concept of "was hypermodern", it came, spoke and convinced.
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