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For: Julia Sáez-Angulo
Francisca Blázquez is an artist to interdiscipline, although essentially painter, authoress of the theory of the Dimensionalismo that applies to any plastic discipline. It started with the jewelry shop inside a natural experimentation process, since from the beginnings it has realized esculto-painting, sculpture and sculptural facilities, some of them of 800 square meters of extension, For her, "to create in jewelry shop is to return to the space and to the volume, working with noble materials or not, inside a contemporary exposition".
Francisca Blázquez defines the Dimensionalismo as a theory that is based in there travel across the angelic, spiritual, physical, chemical, quantum, cosmic, galactic, energy dimensions, the dimension of the love and so many people others that are interconnected by a visible and invisible network. It always works inside series because him per
September, 2008
After several years from putting to point, the new gallery has been opened to the public with the Exhibition of the History of the European Jewelry shop in the Victory and Albert Museum of London. Impressive pieces of the most famous jewelers and goldsmiths of all the times can be admired in one of the most exquisite and finished samples of the world. From bracelets and necklaces of the Age of the Bronze up to contemporary jewelry realized with synthetic materials, happening for the classicism of the Renaissance, the show of the XVIIIth century and the freshness of the New art.
July, 2008
The death of Yves Saint Laurent, some of the most brilliant designers of the XXth century last June 1 in Paris, is causing a wave of homage, samples and exhibitions on his biography, history and contribution to the world of the fashion. It was already in Corunna in the last February and now, until September 28, brilliant Christian Dior exhibits in the Museum of Fine arts of Montreal the sample Love, a retrospective of the work of 40 years of the house of high fashion of the French designer – born in Algeria - raised in the workshops of also.
June, 2008
The Museum of Decorative Arts of Paris dedicates an exhibition to the Italian couturier Valentino Garavani, known by Valentino. The sample, which will remain opened from June 17 until September 21, is part of the important monographic ones that the institution dedicates the big contemporary designers. It is a question of a retrospective exhibition across 200 suits and accessories of high fashion of the designer who settled in Rome from 1959.
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