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For: Paula Gárgoles
Iñaki and Aitor Muñoz are two twin brothers who form together the fashionable signature Ailanto placed in Barcelona from 1992. In this city the two graduated in Fine arts. The universe of his fashion is furiously visual and in him they dominate the graphic symbol, the combination of colors, the geometry of the streaks and the references to artistic movements of avant-garde. His introduction on the national market was across the Lounges Gaudí and Cibeles. His principal international markets are Japan, England, the United States, Hong Kong, Italy and Belgium.
Your name means in Chinese: tree of the sky. Why? Do you want to reach the sky with your fashion? IN THE EPOCH IN WHICH WE WERE LOOKING FOR A NAME FOR THE MARK, I (Aitor) WAS STUDYING GARDENING. You are twin and you have complicity great: the same inspirations? EVERY PERIOD
March, 2009
He admits that the missing person Manuel Piña was his big teacher: "Of him I learned everything when I was raw". With Pineapple it began working in 1992 and later with Antonio Pernas, although in parallel it realized proper exhibitions. In 1995 it collaborated with the designer Cecilia Paniagua and founded the signature Duyos and Paniagua. With this name it entered the Footbridge Cibeles in 1997 and in 1998 the British Embassy in Madrid invited him to present his collection in the London Fashion Week. It was in 1999 when Duyos presented his first collection alone and obtained the award L'Oreal.
February, 2009
To find Ágatha Ruiz of the Prada in his study of the street Ortega and Gasset is the whole luck because this woman: not for! And to be able to interview it face to face is still a major fortune. When Ágatha lands in Madrid a pair of days, his agenda begins filling with meetings, meetings, presentations, social acts...: a madness! Skylight that to be successful that has this designer, it is necessary to be as it is she: vital, hyperactive, sincere, creative and, especially, very, very hard-working. Asmoda introduces you in the kingdom of our most international and controversial designer his exciting personality uncovers.
January, 2009
His trajectory is identified by the history of the Spanish fashion. Elio Berhanyer has lived through the glorious stage of the High fashion and the incidences of the pret to porter. More than fifty years on the foot of the cannon in the middle of successes and of difficult moments but without never losing the pulse of a creation that has been able to adapt itself to all the situations. An exhibition in the Museum of the Suit remembers his creations and the perfection of a way of doing seam that survives to epochs and styles.
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