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For: Marinella Calzona
To continue the fashion today and to be elegant is necessary a big critical sense: the patterns with big flowers, the smooth ones of violent tones, the textiles of network, the laces and the transparences, the bras imitation guêpière, the intimate pledges that turn into garments, the embroidered shoes, the jeans with crystal incrustations, the bellybuttons to the air, etc., are elements “of risk”.
Some of them are absolutely unacceptable, others might be taken in consideration only after having asked for advice with humility. The fashion has need to appear and to be exhibited herself. Not this way the elegance that flees of the ostentation. To be elegant is to happen unnoticed and to be remembered by the personal tact.
June, 2007
I like the fashion. I love. And do you know why? Because the fashion sells sleep. The secret of the fashion is the ideal that Valentino communicates with a princess's story garment made in, or a baby doll de Chloé. When your eyes stop before a work of Balenciaga, there are neither the frills of white tulle nor the black sateen bond what they see. This is the moment in which the fashion puts in game his seduction talent.
April, 2007
In the above mentioned weeks we have been present at a fuss mediático with advertizing campaigns like fund music... The polemic had like protagonists to some originals of publicity that, according to authorized opinions, penetrate the limit of the ethical thing and of the good taste. The problem is not new.
March, 2007
Asmoda celebrates his first year of life! During this contact time with all of you we have tried that the magazine was following the itinerary ilusionante that we proposed from the beginning to become an instrument, not only of information, but also of opinion and an analysis of the relation of the fashion with the esthetics, the culture and the life styles.
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