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For: José F. Serra
An ingenuous romanticism with chic touches presides at the collection of Alma Aguilar. It offers us a summer dominated by the diaphanous and calm elegance of the white color, the happiness of the patterns and the sheen of the spangles. A young collection in which the long and short garments, the monkeys and the fluid blouses are his authentic protagonists. The designer moves us once again to a serene and coloristic world with his way of seeing the very personal fashion.
The target, basic color of the collection, heap of marvel with the vaporous garments with handmade details and cataracts of frills in the rims. He is followed in importance by the colors cake covered with dust with the twinkle of some tone fluorine and the warm note of some print that mix more alive tones. They put out in the collection the strokes
June, 2009
“My collection `Ucrania´ for the spring - summer 2009 pays tribute to the magic that transforms in seconds the light of the sky and his stars” Francis Montesinos says. In this so peculiar ambience it thinks up the chromatic scale of his models between blue, pink, gray tones, dusty tones and a few finished textiles that bring a touch of major innovation to his personalísimas creations. The gasas and organzas natives liven up his holiday models.
May, 2009
Sounds of cymbals and flutes, the sand of the desert, gold, the exotic luxury of a jaima, the adventure of the thousand and nights. Very present all this in a spring - summer collection, in which Ralph Lauren has turned his look to the millennial Arab culture renewed with a touch vintage to the style “Casablanca“.
April, 2009
Impeccable workmanships, definite lines, sumptuous textiles and happy but suppressed coloring. These are the signs of identity of the spring - summer collection of the veteran Oscar de la Renta. His everlasting classicism, his good taste and his elegant designs think about how to favor a sure woman of himself.
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