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For: Julia Sáez-Angulo
The textiles, the suits, the garments are plastically much sugerentes like material manipulable and derivative towards a few conceptual artistic pieces. Hélène Picard, French artist placed in Spain for a decade has presented a surprising exhibition of sculptures and paintings – practically facilities - in the Museum of the Suit of Madrid.
I try to relate art and seam like two means of expression of our interior world, across the color, the form, the line and the matter, the authoress declares on having presented his works, fruit of several years of investigation on the expressive capacities of the garment and the spatial dynamics of the painting. I want to underline the plastic aspect qu
February, 2008
Laura Márquez is one of our designers of jewels more excellent. It is conciente of the importance that it has the called “author's jewel”, personalized and signed, opposite to the classic or serial one. The ideal thing is to have a jeweler with diverse signatures as a painting collection is had with different authors. Letizia Ortiz, before marrying the Prince of Asturias, was a client of Laura Márquez, designer who exhibits his pieces in the Jewelry shop / gallery of the street of Madrid of San Bernardo.
January, 2008
Conservative of jewels of the Museum of the Suit, Maria Antonia Herradón has published, between other books, dedicated to collection of jewels of the Reservoir. Under his care there are fifteen thousand jewels that the Museum of the Suit preserves between those that there represent from collaradas most beautiful of silver and coral up to pitchforks and brilliant golden buttons and.
December, 2007
East has occupied the center of VII Congress of Fashion of the University of Navarre. The call has appeared under the title «East and Occident: the fashion, synthesis of cultures». Before the giant of China and of the India, experts of different areas have reflected about the influence that it can have in the fashion.
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