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For: Paula Gárgoles
East has occupied the center of VII Congress of Fashion of the University of Navarre. The call has appeared under the title «East and Occident: the fashion, synthesis of cultures». Before the giant of China and of the India, experts of different areas have reflected about the influence that it can have in the fashion.
In his intervention in the Congress from the managerial perspective, Yolanda Serrer, teacher of the IESE, contributed information about the luxurious shops that they have embarked in East. There were very interesting the numbers of the money that the oriental ones were spending in clothes in Europe. In the congress we all could see a photo of a shop of
November, 2007
Nim Gallery is the beautiful one jewels boutique, with art gallery in the low apartment. At the head of this artistic conglomerate there is Mercedes Reigada, an elegant designer, that likes the blue stones to game with the sky, the sea and his eyes. In the shop windows of his establishment proper works can be seen and of other contemporary designers.
October, 2007
The Galician designer has celebrated his silver weddings with an exhibition in the Museum of the Suit of fifty two models, two for every period, in which there is revealed his sober elegance and his personal contribution, beyond the creators who look for the disguise and the mask to sound. His esthetics are that of good materials and pronounced line. Many women follow him because his models remain beyond the immediate thing and end up by receiving the value of the permanent thing.
September, 2007
The Museum of Manuel Piña in Manzanares, his hometown, began his journey in May, but the official opening of the Museum, foreseen for September, it will go accompanied by an emotive homage: the designer of La Mancha, one of the first "heroes" of the Cibeles, will be nominated an associate of honor of the Creators' Association of the Fashion of Spain. A recognition deserved to a short but singular trajectory, which opened new ways for the Spanish fashion.
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